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Porto Santo island

At a distance of 71 km from the island of Madeira, lies an Atlantic paradise: the island of Porto Santo! Come and Travel aboard the Lobo Marinho and visit the golden island. Discover Porto Santo island


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Dock of the ship Lobo Marinho:

The last voyage of the ship Lobo Marinho, before starting its annual maintenance, will be on 4 January 2023 (Wednesday), with departure from Funchal at 8am and return from Porto Santo at 12pm. The period of immobilization is estimated to be 5 (five) weeks.

Transportation of passengers living in Porto Santo during the ship's docking period:

During the period of immobilization of the vessel and, although it is not legally obliged to do so, PSL will ensure air transport, between islands, for residents of Porto Santo, on flights originating in this island. Thus, it will provide up to 50 seats, per day, per route, up to a maximum of 100 seats (except Tuesdays).

We would like to inform, that by imposition of the air carrier, Porto Santo Line will only be able to sell air tickets to Porto Santo residents - with Porto Santo Line bearing the difference between the sea ticket and the air ticket - who are registered in the SIMplifica Platform of the Regional Government of Madeira.

Goods transportation:

In order to guarantee the transport of goods between the two islands and, as it has been the case in previous years, PSL will comply with the contractual requirements through the weekly call of a container ship between Madeira and Porto Santo, on Tuesdays, except in exceptional cases. Additionally, although not legally obliged to do so, PSL will ensure a second weekly call of another container ship on Friday/Saturday. Considering the high capacity offered, through these two weekly calls, the transport of quantities of goods (fresh, perishable or dry) is guaranteed.

As in previous years, PSL will offer free storage in dry and cold containers placed, purposely, in the port of Porto Santo, as a way to mitigate any logistical difficulties that traders may face.