Travel on board the
ship Lobo Marinho

Useful information

Parking in Funchal

In the port of Funchal, parking is prohibited. However, in the city centre, there are several options. The public park closest to the boarding area of the "Lobo Marinho" ferry is next to the CR7 Pestana hotel (see map).

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: from 7am to 2am
Friday and Saturday: open 24h
SEP - Sociedade de Exploração de Parques de Estacionamento, S. A.
T.: 927 969 975 / 291 207 040

Garage / Car-deck

- When entering the garage/car-deck, follow all instructions from the seamen;
- Depending on the cargo on board and the arrangement of the mobile garage/car-deck platforms, the driver will be required to park from the front or from the rear;
- When parking, leave the vehicle locked and engaged;
- On arrival of the vessel, it is of the utmost importance that the driver approaches his vehicle before berthing, and that he only starts the engine immediately before disembark, and always after the ramp opens;
- If the vehicle tows a trailer, has manoeuvring limitations, is towed or suffers from a mechanical disability, it must be presented for boarding at least 1 hour before departure, so that its manoeuvre does not delay and makes it difficult to stow the garage / car-deck.
- Access to the garage: there are four direct accesses in the reception area;

Transport of vehicles

Information to the owner/driver of the vehicle

- The owner and/or driver of a vehicle shall be responsible for the safe embarkation and disembarkation operations and for the safe immobilisation of the vehicle during the voyage, taking into account the instructions of the seamen;
- Damage suffered and/or caused to third parties, to the ship or its equipment as a result of improper conduct of the ship, not respecting the applicable rules and the instructions of the ship's crew, shall be the sole responsibility of the driver;
- Any damage to or malfunction of the vehicle during the journey must be reported promptly to any available crew member. Claims for damage or malfunction reported after disembarkation of the vehicle should be made in writing, with the burden of proving the facts alleged on the driver of the vehicle;
- Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be allowed to drive any vehicle on board the vessel;
- Vehicles in a poor state of repair, with spills of fuel or oil, untraced tyres or any other anomaly which constitutes a danger to the ship or to the safety of the cargo being carried, shall be denied boarding;
- Vehicles which cargo is not properly secured for carriage by sea, which is unstable or that exceeds the limits of their vehicle, shall be denied boarding;
- Gas powered vehicles (LPG) will be denied boarding;
- Vehicles carrying live cattle, which do not have devices to prevent the spillage of excrement, will be denied boarding;
- Only in exceptional conditions will it be permitted for on board personnel holding an appropriate driving licence to drive or move vehicles that are unaccompanied or belong to passengers, provided that they so request;
- The service referred to in the previous point does not derive, in any way, from the transport contract, nor from the professional attributions of the crew member, it being understood that he acts at the expense and risk of the respective owner/driver, who assumes all the risks and damages that occur in his own vehicle or in third parties, due to error or omission of the crew member;
- Vehicles not removed from the vessel within a reasonable time, after arrival at the port of destination, will be subject to towing, at the expense of the owner or driver;


- Pets can only travel in the ship's kennel;
- The kennel has 10 cages for dogs up to 15Kg and 4 cages for dogs over 15Kg;
- For other animals it is mandatory to use their own transport boxes;
- The kennel is ventilated, permanently lit and has fresh water;
- Location and access: is located in the garage, deck #4, half a ship on the port side. Access is via the stern ramp;
- The use of the kennel is reserved for animals belonging to passengers and not to unaccompanied animals;

Seating places

- The ship provides seating for all passengers. No passenger shall occupy more than one seating position, place luggage on chairs or lie on sofas;


- Carry-on luggage

- Never leave your carry-on luggage;
- Never place carry-on luggage on chairs that can be used by other passengers;
- Always store your carry-on luggage on the shelves indicated by the crew members;
- Never place luggage near doors or safety equipment;

- Hold luggage

- Follow the instructions on the ticket;
- Limit time for placing luggage in own trolleys: up to 30 minutes before departure time;

Passengers disembark on foot

- If you wish to disembark by the boarding ladder, follow the instructions of the crew. Never try to force the movement of the disembark, especially when the ladder is tilted;
- If you intend to disembark by the stern ramp, never use the car-deck access located in the reception area (access reserved for drivers and passengers of vehicles), but direct access to the ramp, located in the self-service area and Bugio bar (Porto Santo port and Funchal starboard). Follow the signs or ask a crew member for help;
- Arrival at the stern ramp is only made through the pedestrian corridor on the side of the harbour.

Access for people with reduced mobility

- Access to the elevator is via the stern ramp;
- Accompaniment in the elevator and driving to the seating position is always done by a crew member;
- The ship has a wheelchair to transport from the harbour to the interior of the ship;
- The ship has its own bathroom for people with reduced mobility (deck #6);
- The embarkation and disembarkation is always assisted by a member of the crew;